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We thank you for your interest in Jumpzone Jumper and Party Supplies. Bringing fun and smiles to birthday parties, social and corporate events, religious functions, and carnivals provides you with a very fulfilling business. Jumpers come in many different shapes and colors, and even with many different names. "Moon Bounces," "Bouncers", "Bounce Houses," et cetera – they all mean fun and adventure for your customers, and a successful business for you.

Jumpers are not limited – there are obstacle courses, basketball hoops, slides, and more! Jumpzone is constantly creating new designs and implementing new ideas. We manufacture jumpers in Gardena, California and also rent to customers locally in Los Angeles. This means that Jumpzone can offer you not only custom Jumpers and Accessories, but also information and guidance in the creation of your own business – we bring our own experience to you.

The party rental business will allow you to start with a minimal investment – you do not need to purchase expensive computers, software, or hire employees. To begin, you need a couple jumpers, liability insurance, and a taste for fun! You can let your friends and co-worker know, get a local newspaper ad, and your business is on its way! Jumpzone does not simply send you a jumper – we become a resource where you can get supplies, advice, and information. We offer information on marketing, management, insurance, forms/agreements, websites, and maintenance techniques. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, remember that Jumpzone can also create custom jumpers. Thank you for your interest and do not hesitate contacting us with questions.

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